But that's not all . . . Pure

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But that's not all . . . Pure At the end of the day after eating protein foods and revarivaniya 1500 calories ,which is the daily allowance in orga nism is only 1,000 calories.

This is one of the secrets of my diet, one of the reasons for its success.

But that's not all .



Pure proteins reduce hunger Eating sweet or fatty foods that are easy to nerevarivayutsya and digested, causing a false sense of satiety, followed by the triumphant return of hunger.

Recent studies show tion that bite something sweet or bold between the two main meal times not meaning a later onset of hunger and reduce the amount eaten during the next meal.

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To remove

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To remove Wash the parsley, cut the stems and chop.

Pour a thin layer of gelatin in the form and put in 3 minutes in the freezer.

The rest of the gelatin mix with chopped parsley and chicken ,or turkey.

Place half of the mixture into a mold and put for 15 minutes in freezer.

Add the remaining mixture into the mold and put in the refrigerator two hours per nickname.

To remove the terrine from the mold, dip in hot water.

MEAT DISHES Starters Ham Preparation time: 15 minutes.

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Coffee and milkshake

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Coffee and milkshake Pour lassi in 4 large glasses and refrigerate minima for 30 minutes.

Serve cold.

You can use any flavor, perfect fruit.

Coffee and milkshake ESERTY 400 g of soft creamy cheese 0 '5 500 ml of skim milk 4 bags of instant coffee ,or 4 tablespoons of coffee 4 teaspoons crystal stevia 1 tablespoon flavoring Vanilla 4 coffee grain 10 min 1 hour Put the cheese in the freezer for 1 hour.

Mix mixer milk, instant coffee, stevia and aroma tizator Vanilla.

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1617 hours. Fruity

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1617 hours. Fruity Vitamins are introduced as part of the present hips, as well as a decoction of bran to dilute soups.

Salt up to '25 Weight composition of the daily diet, protein 100110 g, fat 100110 g carbon water 450500 g Energy 32003800 cal.

Sample menu 89 hours.

Hardboiled eggs ,2 pcs.

, Salad, fresh yogurt, butter lo, rye bread.

1213 hours.

Boiled meat, crumbly buckwheat, decoction of wheat bran.

1617 hours.

Fruity plum soup, fried meat, fried potatoes, sauerkraut cake.

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Add to mashed

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Add to mashed Bake eggplant and pepper for 30 minutes in a preheated 200 ° C oven ,thermostat Peel and chop the garlic.

Pour vinegar into a pan and dissolve gelatin in it.

Preheat, but constant stirring.

Clear peppers and remove seeds.

Cut the eggplant into two parts and remove the flesh with a teaspoon.

Make mashed honestly ka, peppers and eggplant pulp.

Add to mashed dissolved gelatin and yogurt.

Season with salt and pepper.


You pour the mixture into molds and refrigerate for 6 hours.

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Remove from

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Remove from Boil for a couple.


Lubricated or under pink milk sauce.

Garnish with pureed vegetables, rice, noodles, homemade noodles.

100 g chicken, white bread 200 g milk 25 g butter 15 g egg V2 units.

Carrots 10 g zucchini '10 Boiled turkey ,Diets 13, 512, 14, 15 Treated carcass fill in the pocket as above and pour in water.

Quickly bring to a boil, reduce heat.

Remove from broth foam, 'put sliced roots, onion, salt and cook at low boil until tender.

Petit zu remove, cool, cut into portions.

Serve pour melted butter.

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