Strain, season

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Strain, season Then rub through a sieve to separate the vegetable broth, boil, season with salt and cream or milk mixed with egg and butter.

300 G water chestnuts 80 g, 75 g of potatoes, rice, 15 grams of salt, drain ki or milk 70 g egg 7h pcs.

, Butter '15 Soup of flour ,Diet 1, 2, 57, 1013, 15 Flour diluted in water and pour in boiling water.

Cook over low heat for 52 cha ca, stirring frequently.

Strain, season with salt and cream or milk, shannym mixture with egg and butter.

450 G of water, wheat flour 40 g, sod, cream or milk 70 g, yay CH 7h pcs.

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Abandon the fruit, of course, impossible, even

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Abandon the fruit, of course, impossible, even Bagged in excess of carbohydrates, the body rebels from sugar happiness.

Body fat starts to lay in reserve.

Abandon the fruit, of course, impossible, even for deep .

Here, as in all things, it is necessary to look for the gold sulfur din.

But without fiber in diets and normal diet is also impossible.

Therefore, a number of products from the list, pref dennogo below, must be present in your daily menu.

Carefully read this list.

These are primarily: Zucchini, Pumpkin Rutabaga, Eggplant, Lettuce, Cabbage in all forms and all grades Cucumbers, salted and pickled, Tomatoes, fresh, salted and pickled, Celery ,leaves and roots Parsley ,leaves and roots Beets ,roots and leaves Sweet pepper, Olives ,fresh and canned Mushrooms ,all edible species Asparagus, Radishes, Avocado Most salads, pickles, Korean and Chineseray cuisine, flavored with soy sauce ,instead of sauces based on vegetable fat and others.

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Of course, this

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Of course, this After the end of the week this is the time when you want to bundle beat and treat yourself to something tasty after a hard work! But scored in the weekend calories on their se baa not disappear! One day diet does not require you to become an ascetic.

Quietly enjoy the weekend.

Of course, this does not mean that we should forget about any control over himself, because excesses have nothing to do with enjoyment.

You deliv one day on a diet, you will be able to successfully compensate Rowan made concessions and allowed himself a good appetite overeating.

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Serve sprinkled

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Serve sprinkled Chop carrots, simmered in milk, combine with zucchini and simmer until tender.

Cauliflower from cooking and disassembled into Kocheshkov.

Young bean pods and finely chop BLADE rit.

Boil peas.

Prepared foods together, pour sweetened nym sauce and warm.

Serve sprinkled with chopped greens and put a pat of butter.

50 G of potatoes, carrots 40 g, 30 g zucchini, cauliflower 20 g, 30 g green beans, green peas 30 g, 80 g milk sauce, char sa 5 g butter 15 g parsley 5 g Cucumbers in sour cream tusheinye ,Diets 3, 512, 15 Cucumber peel and core, cut into small slices and stushit oil.

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The sauce

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The sauce tablespoon olive oil Salt to taste Clear from cucumber peel and grate.

Remove juice, grated cucumber soaked salfet Coy.

Mix with yogurt, grated garlic, olive Vym oil and lemon juice.

The sauce with salt, mix thoroughly and relatively cool.

Serve with vegetables, pasta, meat and fish dishes.

Sauce 'Remolad 200 g of mayonnaise 60 g 30 g gherkins herring fillets 20 g capers 2 tablespoons.

tablespoons ketchup ' 2 onion pepper, salt to taste Herring fillet chop, chop the capers and gherkins.

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Lapshevik Afternoon tea.

Apples 200.


Lapshevik with cottage cheese ,cottage cheese diet 50 mo loco50 flour 50, eggthird piece.

, Butter 10, sour cream 5, tea with sugar ,tea 1, water 200, sugar 20, black bread 50.

For the night.

Prunes 50.

Tuesday First breakfast.

Oatmeal in meat broth ,oats 50, meat broth 100 Butter 5 boiled sausages or sausage separate 50 tea with milk and xylitol, black bread 100.


Potatoes with butter cream ,potatoes 150, butter 10 apples 200.

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