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Kefir 200. Friday

Kefir 200. Friday Afternoon tea.

Fresh vegetables ,cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes 200.


Cutlets baked carrot ,carrot 100, car Tophel 50, egg 1 pc.

, Butter 5 tea with mo Locke bread Ukrainian 50.

For the night.

Kefir 200.

Friday First breakfast.

Cheesecakes of nonfat cottage cheese, ZAP tained ,100 curd, butter10 egg 14 pcs.

, Flour10, grated carrots, 150, tea with xylitol bread Ukrainian sky 50.


Buckwheat milk ,cereal Grechnev Vai 50, 100 milk, butter 5 milk 200.

. . . . .

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2 3 tbsp. lemon

2 3 tbsp. lemon Salt, add capacitysuspension and fill with vegetable oil.

Salad Exotica 300 g carrots 100 g of strawberry, raspberry or apricot jam 100 g cranberries 100g cloudberries.

2 3 tbsp.

lemon juice Grate the carrots on a fine grater, mix with jam, put in a salad bowl slide, impose Iago rows cranberries and cloudberries and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Salmon Salad 80 g of salmon 60 g of boiled rice 50 g salt Ogura 40 g of mayonnaise 1 egg Salt to taste Salmon cut into pieces, egg and pickled cucumber cubes, mix all with boiled rice and mayonnaise, salt and put a slide on that burner.

. . . . .

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Shred carrots

Shred carrots On a greased pan and put layers of crepes curd mixed with s sugar and egg.

Pour remaining cake batter and bake in the oven.

Serve with sour cream and butter.

Flour 50 g, 100 g of milk, egg 7g pcs.

, Cottage 60 g sugar 15 g butter, 15 g sour cream 30 g Shortcrust pastry pies with carrots and apples ,Diets 2, 3, 57, 1012, 15 Cook shortbread dough.

Shred carrots and simmered in oil, up to addin g shredded apples and sugar, continue to simmer for 10 minutes.

Of dough and filling molded cakes.

. . . . . .

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Then remove from

Then remove from When you steamed milk, add semolina, 10 ml of vegetable oil tion and simmer another 910 minutes.

Then remove from heat, cool, mix with egg, sugar and chalk to chopped parsley and dill, relatively thorough stretch.

Shape from the resulting mass patties, roll them in bread crumbs and Pogea rit on the remaining oil.

Before serving sprinkle Varentsov.

Chops carrots and pears 200 g carrots 200 g pears 60 ml of sour milk 20 ml of vegetable oil 20g semolina 20 g bread crumbs 10g sugar 2 egg whites 2 cup water Cut into fine julienne carrots, season with 10 ml of vegetable oil, add water and simmer in.

. . . . . .

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We heartily

We heartily Indeed, among the dishes, providing lennyh they were not just hotpot, but even Russian dumplings! With such active readers, we finally believe that the method Ducane not just a diet, but a complete power system, allowing health to lose weight and keep enjoying every meal.

We heartily wish that you've reached your weight right rect, and sincerely hope that the recipes in this book will help you with this.

Believe in yourself, and a good cook! Sincerely, publishing Exmo INTRODUCTION LET MY DIET TO BECOME YOUR P eredavaya publisher manuscript I can not lose weight, I was well aware that just finished its work throughout her life .

. . . . . .

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My coming in dietetics

My coming in dietetics I knew that I represent to the court for their patients and will duschim readers a new technique to combat overweight, I created over thirty years of daily medical practice tics.

My coming in dietetics angered my colleagues Rage governmental actors and advocates lowcalorie diets, poured putskih portions and counting calories.

I suggested that a diet based on proteins bathroom and allowed to eat as much as you want, without burdensome weighing portions and vyschityvaniya their caloric content.

. . . . . .

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