My coming in dietetics

My coming in dietetics I knew that I represent to the court for their patients and will duschim readers a new technique to combat overweight, I created over thirty years of daily medical practice tics.

My coming in dietetics angered my colleagues Rage governmental actors and advocates lowcalorie diets, poured putskih portions and counting calories.

I suggested that a diet based on proteins bathroom and allowed to eat as much as you want, without burdensome weighing portions and vyschityvaniya their caloric content.

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Serve cold. Granite

Serve cold. Granite Ladle the soup into soup plates and garnish with mint and verbena.

Serve cold.

Granite coffee with cinnamon ZHENOE 500 ml of black hot coffee 10 minutes 8 g vanilla powder sweetener Canderel 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 3 cardamom grains 75 minutes Well Mix the hot coffee, sweetener and spices.

Allow to cool.

Pour the mixture into a deep dish and place in the freezer chamber of the 1 hour.

Remove from the freezer, skip through the blender for 1 minute.

. . . . .

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By pour

By pour Before serving put into each burner that several pieces of meat, pour soup and season with yogurt and tomato ketchup.

By pour each serving with chopped parsley and dill.

Broth with omelette 300 grams of lean beef ,with bone 40 g green onions 40 g Spinach 40 ml of milk 20 g of carrots 20 g butter 10g grated hard cheese 1 egg Parsley and dill Salt to taste Cook beef broth, carrots and 10 g green onions.

Cooked meat separate from the bones and cut into small pieces.

Chop remaining green onions with spinach lightly appealed against rit butter ,use 10 g.

. . . . . .

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Few people know

Few people know It would seem that there is nothing easier than cooking duty salad of cucumbers and tomatoes.

But no, you forget that the main thing is to check the caloric content of the finished sauce or filling to the dish.

Few people know that 100 grams of the dietary salad with yogurt contain 62 kcal, with 15 cream 84 kcal, and vegetable oil everything is 150 kcal.

Agree, the difference is quite noticeable and palpable.

Especially when you want to lose weight.

Naturally, count calories or do.

is ,arbitrary units, we will not force you.

. . . . . .

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Again bring

Again bring In a boiling water, put the prepared vegetables.

In a sealed container again bring to a boil, reduce heat and sew at low boil simmer for 10 minutes.

When Brewed vegetables, pour the warmed boiled milk.

Again bring to a boil, add salt to taste.

Put green beans for 5 minutes before the end var ki vegetables.

When serving sprinkle diet yogurt.

Salads, vinaigrettes and snacks from fish and seafood Salad of fish Captain 1fresh bonito ,small bonito to 12 cm in length, 4 large ripe tomatoes, sweet 3 heads ,red onions, olives 10 12 lemon 50 ml vegetable oil tion, 2 tbsp.

. . . . . .

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