Bringing to availability, season

Bringing to availability, season Fish broth 350 g onion 15 g butter 10 g, whi lye roots 25 g, 15 g carrots, potatoes 60 g, 40 g noodles, salt, fish 60 g, parsley 4 years Fish soup with vegetables and dressing ,diet and, 12, 15 Vegetables cut into strips, potatoes small slices and put in ki pyaschy broth.

Bringing to availability, season the soup with salt and saute muchioy.

Serve in a bowl put the boiled fish and chopped greens, 300 G of fish broth, onion, 10 g, 10 g green onions, mor kov15g, white roots 25 g, 115 g potatoes, psheiichiaya mu ka10 g butter, 15 g, salt fish 60 g parsley 4 years Fish soup with vegetables teams ,Diets 3, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15 Carrots and roots finely chopped, spasserovat in butter, put into boiling broth, add the parsed on Kocheshkov cauliflower and potatoes sliced s.


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